Describe the replacement behavior


Behavior Intervention Plan: Your Behavior Intervention Plan, should include: Target Behaviors. The targeted behaviors need to be described operationally, so that a neutral third party would recognize the behavior. The description may include intensity (how loud do they scream?) frequency (how often do they scream, say per hour,) and duration (how long do they scream?) A tantrum especially needs an operational definition.

Specific Measurable Goals This should include not only the decrease in undesirable targeted behavior but an increase in a targeted replacement behavior. A child in my class tears up his clothing. The replacement behavior is for him to request a clean shirt. It's working. Example Philip will shout out answers during instruction time less than 1 incident per half hour instructional period over three consecutive observations of 180 minutes.

Intervention Description and Method: Describe the replacement behavior, and how the replacement behavior will be reinforced. If this is a long term or multi-stepped intervention, you will want to set up reinforcement schedules and the different steps of intervention. Start and Frequency of Intervention. Give a date certain, no more than 30 days after your meeting, but much sooner if possible. If the intervention is not only for the home room or one particular setting you may want to state the intervention will be daily, from 9:00 to 2:30 or whenever you are collecting information.

Method of Evaluation: For most BIP's, if you have set a goal for target behaviors that include duration, frequency or intensity, you will want to create measuring tools, usually a check off, that can be used during observation of the behavior. The period of the observation may be stated in the description of the specific measurable goal. Persons Responsible. If it will be the responsibility of the general education teacher or the intervention is to go over into specials, such as gym or music, that those teachers are informed, even trained, how to collect the information. Use the six steps to changing behavior as well as the attached case study and behavior Intervention Plan to complete this assignment.

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Business Law and Ethics: Describe the replacement behavior
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