Describe the process of how you will monitor the outcomes

Respond to each of the following questions by preparing a report and presenting it to your team.

1. What are the key issues relating to the situation and describe how they impact on Alisha's work responsibilities?

2. What are the steps you will take to manage Alisha's complaint properly and describe how these comply with the company's policies and procedures?

3. Describe how you would ensure that consultation processes would provide opportunities for the affected team members to contribute to the issue in an appropriate manner?

4. Describe how you would provide feedback to the affected team member and other staff on the outcome of the consultation?

5. Develop an issue management process to ensure that the issues that have been raised would be resolved promptly and referred to relevant personnel. In the issue management process you need to include:

• Symptoms - early warning signs of the issue

• Facts - identify who is involved and establish the causes V2016.4 \\\Trainers\New Training Package\BSB52415 Diploma of Marketing (Transition)\BSBLDR502\2 Group Activity V2016.4.doc Page 2 of 13

• Analysis - evaluate the extent of the issue, determine the potential implications, consider the interest of all those affected and ensure adherence to the organisation's equal opportunity policy, conflict resolution procedure and legislative requirements

• Options for resolution

• Action plan - implementing the solutions and follow-up to ensure implementation

• Monitor outcomes - describe the process of how you will monitor the outcomes of the action plan, including ongoing support and counselling to assist team members in resolving their difficulties in the workplace

6. Describe how you display professional leadership behaviour through your own conduct, including:

• Ways to gain and maintain trust and confidence of co-workers and external contacts

• Methods to adjust your own interpersonal communication style to meet your company's cultural diversity

• Techniques to guide and support team members in their own personal adjustment process.

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Marketing Management: Describe the process of how you will monitor the outcomes
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