Describe the potential statistical technique


Research Q

1- Is there any difference in students mathematics mean score between female and male students in OECD countries? (t-test)

2- Is there any relationship between parents occupation status and students mathematics mean scores in OECD countries?(correlational analysis)

This research paper should be structured like a research paper, and include:

1. What is the problem? (Theoretical debate)

2. Is it significant? (An argument about its importance)

3. What have others done about it? (Brief literature review)

4. What is your approach?

5. What did you do explicitly? (How did you operationalize variables? How did you analyze your data?)

6. What are the findings?

7. Discussion/(significance and limitations of this study)?

Unlike a traditional research paper, answers to the first three questions should be brief, and most of the writing should focus on the analysis and the research claims based on that analysis. Additionally, your paper should show evidence that you

Final Analysis Proposal

As your final project proposal, you will need to submit a short paper (proposal) including:

This paper should be short, 1 page

1. A brief description of your data: what is it? Why was it collected?

2. A very brief description of the kind of question(s) you would like to answer with it

3. For each potential statistical technique,

a. Describe the technique: what is it?

b. Why might it help you answer your question? Why is it appropriate?

c. What are some issues with the technique that will limit your ability to make strong claims about your answers?

d. What are some issues with the data that limit this technique's ability to help you make strong claims?

4. Which technique will you start with in trying to answer your question? And WHY?

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Business Law and Ethics: Describe the potential statistical technique
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