Describe the pathogenesis and epidemiology


Presentation on Diagnosis: Genital Herpes

1. Present the information in the order it is listed below. Please follow the slide sequence exactly as it is given. You may use less than the number of slides listed below. You may not use more than the number of slides listed below.

Slide 1: Identify the topic you are presenting: Presentation on Diagnosis: Genital Herpes in a lecture style

Slide 2 and 3: Describe the pathogenesis and epidemiology of the diagnosis that you have selected briefly.

Slide 4 and 5: Describe the clinical presentation of your topic. The presentation should include pertinent history findings (real or expected) and pertinent physical exam findings (real or expected). Please include red flag history and physical exam findings for this condition.

Slide 6: Discuss other possible differential diagnoses that might be considered given the real or expected history and physical findings.

Slide 7-9: Identify the diagnostic tests, screens or maneuvers that are recommended to diagnose this condition. Support and reference your choices with evidence from the literature (clinical guidelines, recommendations by specialty group, etc). Please include a brief statement about sensitivity, specificity, and predictive value of the tests, screens or maneuvers.

Slide 10-14: Discuss the medications that are prescribed to treat this condition, include the name and class of the medication(s), the rationale for use (what clinical guideline or specialty group recommends use of the medication?) the mechanism of action, contraindications to use, potential interactions with food and/or other medications, any patient education you would give for this medication, including side effects. You must also include any monitoring that is required for this medication.

Slide 15: You will include a correctly written prescription for one of the medications ordered. Include over-the-counter medications in your treatment plan.

Slide 16: Your plan must include patient follow-up, any referrals that are recommended (if any) and any other pertinent patient education and care that are recommended to treat this condition.

Slide 17-18: Reference pages. You must reference and support all of your treatment choices and care with evidence (research). You will also cite all facts within the presentation according to APA format.

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Microeconomics: Describe the pathogenesis and epidemiology
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