Describe the julian calendar

Research this question through the usual sources and answer it as fully as possible. On a separate sheet of paper, type your answers six paragraphs (3 pages)  in length, although longer is acceptable.
Julius Caesar left a lasting impression on Roman culture that has, in turn, filtered down to the present day. One of the many practical problems he attempted to resolve was the antiquated Roman calendar. This essay involves researching the Julian Calendar that he instituted and the later Christian replacement.

Discuss the following questions:

a. Describe the Julian Calendar; including what cycle it measures and how long does that cycle last, as well as what name-sake honors are included.

b. What were the problems with this calendar?

c. Why did the Christian Church need to change the old calendar and what calendar did they ultimately institute? Describe it briefly.

d. What other types of calendars are still in use today and how do they differ from the Christian calendar?

e. Do you think the current calendar should be changed? Why should it change or why should it remain?

Web Sources:

Make sure to check who the authors or producers are for each website and include that in your bibliography listing.
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L. E. Doggett, Calendars
Peter Meyer, The Julian and Gregorian Calendars

You should follow the APA fromat for citation and references.

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