Describe the identifiable outcomes of leader success


Discussion Board questions must be answered thoroughly. Must be APA format, answer thoroughly, must have at least two verifiable legitimate sources. 250+words, trust your judgement.

The person used for this discussion will be Angela Merkel who is the Chancellor of Germany and currently one of the most influential leaders.

In group discussions facilitation 5, each group will choose a leader to research and utilize this week. This week the group will collectively select a new leader in sports or an organization (coach, owner, player, organization leaders - private or nonprofit, etc.) who can be categorized as successful in their cause or efforts. This could be an individual who recently or historically led a cause to a high degree of success.

1. As a group select one recent or historical leader that will be utilized for discussions and written submissions. Take into account the availability of open source information, and research material when selecting your leaders.

2. Evaluate the performance of the leader and describe the identifiable outcomes of that leader's success. As an example you may use a single significant success over the course of their efforts. Focus on the substance of the decisions, processes, policies or methods that resulted in the the success of their outcome/s.

3. Evaluate the performance of the leader and explain what specific qualities, habits, beliefs and values does this leader display, that categorizes the leader as successful in their cause, give examples?

4. Conduct in-depth research on your leader to identify the sources and influences on his/her development as leader. These influences could come from personal or learned philosophies, internal motivation, leaders they worked under, education institutions, academies, family members, coworkers, childhood, sports, coaches, corporations, organizations, etc.

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Business Law and Ethics: Describe the identifiable outcomes of leader success
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