Describe the functional components of an operating system

1) Describe programmed, interrupt driven, and direct memory access. Provide an example of an I/O device for each access method..

2) List, describe, and analyze the most common data storage systems in terms of size, speed, error handling, and cost.

3) Describe the functional components of an operating system, including kernels, modules, application program interfaces, and other services.

4) Compare and contrast a desktop operating system with a mobile operating system.

5) Differentiate between the logical and the physical views of file systems.

6) Describe the functions and purposes of the file directory.

7) Categorize various file protection systems, and provide a few examples from current operating systems.

8) Describe CPU scheduling; how it works and why we need it.

9) Compare an embedded operating system with desktop operating system.

10) If you were going to architect a computer system for a financial analysts, what computer components would you use and why?

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