Describe the cyber security controls


Cyber Security Control

This assignment and discussion will be concerning the Controls that can prevent, stop, or fix (hopefully), relative to an attack on a cyber system. Of interest to the HSEM student a central focus may be homeland security issues. However, cyber security is of great importance to all the systems in the Department of Homeland Security. A cyber attach could occur in Customs and Boarder Patrol, FEMA, Immigration, or any of the other elements that make up the department.

The concepts for study should focus on an area of DHS that interests you and the actual and/or potential for cybersecurity attacks. Usually when cybersecurity is mentioned in the HSEM field, terrorism is the first thing that comes to mind. This is an area you can explore, or you may choose any other DHS area.

For your assignment and discussion:

For your paper, research this topic (what are the various types of cyber threats and which are the most successful) and write a 3 to 4 page paper on 1) how you conducted your research, 2) what you found during the research, and 3) what conclusions you can draw from the information you gathered. Be sure to include your references for this paper.

For your discussion on the topic of cyber security controls should include the success, frustrations, and any surprises you have had in finding information on this assignments topic.

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Business Law and Ethics: Describe the cyber security controls
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