Describe macroenvironment


Conduct an Industry and Market analysis for your company (or a company with whkh you are very Familiar)

1.0 Situation Analysis

o Macroenvironment (at least three variables)

o Company (identify strengths and weaknesses)

o Competitors (just the main two or three)

o Customers (approx. 1500 words)

2.0 SWOT/TOWS (approx. 500 words)

3.0 Identify main Problem/Opportunity from the TOWS

Assignment 2

Re-design your company's current offer to address Point 3.0

1.0 Segment the market in at least three ways

2.0 Select and describe a Target for your (newly tweaked) offer

4.0 Position your offer against your major competitor/s

4.0 Design your Marketing Plan

o 4/7 Ps

o Strategic Fit (approx. 500 words) (approx. 500 words) (approx. 200 words) (approx. 1500 words).

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Marketing Management: Describe macroenvironment
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