Describe communication processes can improve group dynamics


This is the Scenario for the community care along with the questions.

It was time for the team meeting. This was the fourth time the team at the community clinic was meet- ing to try and come to consensus regarding a problem that arose with a patient. The personalities of the group made the meetings interesting. John was a bit of a bully. Connie had a unique way of looking at things and did not seem to be in harmony with the rest of the group. Lucia was easily intimidated, and it seemed that John was aware of this and took advantage of her feelings. Sally was the social butterfly of the group and wanted to keep everyone happy. Walt typically slipped into the meeting and spent the time browsing his Facebook account. The others would come in, sit down, and only speak when asked a direct question. The boss was frustrated that the team had yet to come up with a consensus.

Just before the meeting began, Lucia began feeling anxious when John came in. She had been working on an alternative plan, had developed handouts, and was ready to make a suggestion at this meeting. Seeing John, she began to have second thoughts about bringing up her idea since the last time John had shot her down. She was hoping that the boss would see that she was interested in helping the group and that he might consider her for a promotion that was soon to be determined. Sally came in and checked in with each of the group members to see how they and their families were doing, what every- one's plans were for the weekend, and other "nurturing" type questions.

The meeting began. John stood up and said, "We all know the reason we are meeting. Some people in this group just cannot see the big picture. There needs to be compromise in order for us to move for- ward. We all know who these people are and I hope they can come on board so we can be out of here by noon." The boss, appearing a bit irritated at this outburst, said, "John, that is not the purpose of this meeting. We need to determine the best solution for our patient." John immediately countered that this was the fourth meeting, yet the problem continued. Connie proposed that maybe someone had a suggestion as to how the problem could be solved. John said something barely audible under his breath, but no suggestions came forth.

Sally pointed out that today was Teresa's birthday and that everyone should sing happy birthday for her. John stood up saying, "You are kidding, right?" and walked to the back of the room. They all sang to Teresa and then a round table discussion began so everyone could share their ideas. When it came to Lucia, she slid her handouts under her laptop and said that she had nothing to add as all her ideas had already been mentioned.

The meeting came to an end without a solution. The boss was visibly upset as he threw his papers down on the table and gave the group an ultimatum, "Have a solution on my desk in 24 hours or we will be discussing solutions to our lack of consensus."

Access the "Allied Health Community" media and select "Scenarios" to access the scenarios for this course. Read the Community Care Scenario for this course and complete the following assignment:

Write an action plan detailing how the group dynamics and communication between group members can be improved. Include the following: Identify three major events that occurred that caused this meeting be considered ineffective.

What meeting guidelines, methods, or best practices can be implemented to create a more effective meeting? (Consider what could have been implemented prior to the meeting, at the beginning of the meeting, during the meeting, and at the end of the meeting.) Describe communication processes that can improve group dynamics and meeting effectiveness.

Describe how this group can be structured differently to clarify roles and responsibilities.

Describe strategies that can be implemented to improve the group dynamics.

Evaluate each group using the Stages of Group Development discussed your textbook. Using this information, describe how these stages can be applied in this situation.

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