Describe and analyze the deterrence and integrity models

Business Ethics

I have three questions related to business ethics. For each question, I want to write a 600 words essay to answer and discuss the questions. The language does not need to be perfect. However, for each essay, you should show you understand the material and you need to show that you really think about the question, and think deeply about it. Please write in an effective way.

1. Corporations have a legal responsibility to their shareholders (publically traded) to make a profit. The Global Corporate Social Responsibility (GCSR) also outlines that they have an ethical and philanthropic responsibility as well. Compare and contrast the pyramidic models of Global Corporate Social Responsibility (GCSR) and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. How might the individual aspects of Maslow and/or the corporate aspects of the GCSR compliment or contradict each other. Please explain why you think they are compliment or contradict and Please provide examples.

2. The UN Global Compact provides an international framework for basis of a common ethic. How might the Compact fit via Endrele's and/or Donaldson/Dunfee's global types? How would Judy Wick's interpretation of "Beautiful Business" from the White Dog Café fit into Endrele's and/or Donaldson/Dunfee's typology?

3. Describe and analyze the deterrence and integrity models for corporate governance and ethical conduct. As a corporate leader, how would you utilize either or both models in large corporate setting? How would you utilize either or both in a: (1) domestic setting only; (2) trans-national setting of 1 country; (3) trans-national setting of multiple countries. Choose one or two or all of them, give examples to explain why you choose them.

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Business Law and Ethics: Describe and analyze the deterrence and integrity models
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