Demonstrate understanding of the outcomes define your

The Outcomes reflection: General Info:

The Critical Reflection explains how you demonstrated fulfillment / improvement of some of our Course Outcomes:

1. Arguable claim

2. Arguable topic sentences

3. Academic style/voice: objectivity, sensitivity, avoidance of fallacies, false dilemma, avoidance of position paper; etc.

The Logic of the outcomes reflection:

Consistency with the practice of a process-based writing classroom

Students final exam is evaluated on the skills that you have developed by the END of the semester

Provides an opportunity for meta-cognitive reflection on writing performance in light of course outcomes, and on what it means to write effectively in general

Critical Reflection on the Outcomes:

Students move from approaching the Outcomes as abstract statements or "requirements" to understanding how they reflect effective writing in your own writing

Students understand not only how to demonstrate these skills, but also why and how they reflect effective writing choices

Process encourages students to think about transfer-how might the skills be relevant and applicable to other areas of their lives or majors?

Grading criteria: An Effective Reflection will:

1. Demonstrate understanding of the outcomes (define your understanding of the outcome in your own words) through paraphrase and quotation

2. Show understanding of why an outcome is important to good writing

3. Address why a chosen paper is a good demonstration of the outcome in that paper

4. [endif]Directly quote from and analyze evidence from the chosen paper

5. Reflect on how, specifically, the outcome helped to improve your writing

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Other Subject: Demonstrate understanding of the outcomes define your
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