Demonstrate an understanding of the organisational


Word Limit: 2,000 words.

Learning Objectives 1 and 3.

The concept of the psychological contract tells us much about the causes and problems with employee attitudes and behavior. Using Organisational Behaviour theories and concepts you have studied in class, critically evaluate the above statement.

Draw conclusions about how these theories and concepts enable you to understand the impact of these attitudes and behaviors on job performance. You may use case organisations to reinforce your evaluations.


This assignment requires knowledge and understanding of the OB theory and concepts discussed in the topics studied so far. In addressing this question you need to critically examine the ideas presented within the theories, and consider how they help you to make sense of the issue.

The aim of this assignment is not to merely summarise theories as discussed within the text book, but to examine them in terms of their relevance and assistance.

Your discussion should include appropriate academic references, such as academic journal articles; which should be used to develop and support your point of view.

• demonstrate an understanding of the organisational behaviour theories and concepts being discussed.

• be able to discuss clearly the relevant issues and theoretical material presented.

• demonstrate appropriate research and referencing styles

• show an ability to relate theoretical material to practical, everyday organisational situations

• critically analyse the material under discussion, not just repeat what you have read or been told, and

• present an essay written in an appropriate style and format Requirements Assignments should be submitted through TurnItIn as well as hard copy at Reception.

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