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  Defining trend-methods of determining trend in time series  


a. Describe the characteristics of Statistics.

b. What are the components of Statistics? Give a brief explanation of each of the components.


Dscribe the objectives of Statistical Average. What are the requisites of a good average?


a. Mention the Characteristics of Chi-square test.

b. Two research workers classified some people in income groups on the basis of sampling studies. Their results are as follow:

Investigators                Income groups                  Total
                     Poor        Middle           Rich
A                   160           30               10              200
B                   140         120               40               300
Total              300         150               50               500

Demonstrate that sampling technique of at least one research worker is defective.


What do you understand by the term cost of living index? Discuss the methods of construction of cost of living index with an example for each.


Define the term trend. Enumerate the methods of determining trend in time series


The following data represent number of units of production per day turned out by 5 different workmen using different types of machines.

Workmen                            Machine type
                           A          B         C           D
1                         44        38       47          36
2                         46        40       52          43
3                         34        36       44          32
4                         43        38       46          33
5                         38        42       49          39

i) Test whether mean productivity is similar for the four different machine types.

ii) Test whether 5 men vary with respect to mean productivity.

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