Define the term social support


Social Support Essay

Social support is an important concept in schools. Schools are not just charged with academic development, they are charged with aiding emotional and physical development as well. Social support systems aid in this development. As noted in your text (Hjalmarson, Chapter 2), this can be an important aspect of a successful school, such as "Los Pen."

In a two to five page paper (not including the title and reference pages), describe the value of social support through addressing the following:

  • Define the term Social Support and explain what relevant scholarly research states about it.
  • Describe your personal experiences with social support systems as student and/or teacher.
  • Discuss significance of social support in a school setting.

Be sure to include and reference at least three scholarly sources (not including your textbook) properly cited in APA style.

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Business Law and Ethics: Define the term social support
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