Define the management and leadership


Although the terms management and leadership are often used interchangeably, they are different. Managers often focus on accomplishing the day-to-day operations of the organization, whereas leaders help define the organization's mission and vision. In any organization, an optimal balance of management and leadership is necessary. For example, an overemphasis on management leads to policies, procedures, and rules that are followed but that may not necessarily be effective without a leader's guidance. In contrast, leaders shape goals and objectives, but without the support of managers to expedite the tasks associated with the goals and objectives, these aspirations are not likely to be fulfilled.

Presentations and the course text, attention to the definitions of management and leadership.

Consider differences between management and leadership in the context of criminal justice organizations.

Think about elements of leadership within criminal justice organizations.

Consider various management approaches or models that might apply to criminal justice organizations.

(1 to 2 pages):

Distinguish between management and leadership in criminal justice organizations, using specific examples to illustrate the differences.

In your analysis, be sure to address how the roles and responsibilities of managers and leaders are different.

Based on your analysis, draw one conclusion about management and leadership in criminal justice organizations.

Public Safety, Law, and Security.

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Business Law and Ethics: Define the management and leadership
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