Define the concepts of bidirectional and epigenesis



In your Infants and Children: Prenatal Through Middle Childhood text, complete the following:

Read Chapter 2, "Genetic and Environmental Foundations," pages 70-89.

Question#1- Nature or Nurture?

Throughout this course, and particularly in this unit, you have explored the ways in which biological (nature) and environmental (nurture) factors shape children's development. For this discussion, you will consider how both nature and nurture contribute to development. In your discussion, address all of the following points:

•Discuss one biological and one environmental factor that influence a child's development. Describe each factor and how the factor might alter the course of a child's development.

•Find at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed article from the Capella library about the biological or environmental factor, and briefly explain how the article supports your position.

•Define the concepts of bidirectional and epigenesis and how they are related to the nature-nurture issue in child development.

( 350 word response )

Question#2 -Careers in Child DevelopmentResources

"Careers in child psychology" I have attached below

After reviewing information on careers in child psychology provided the attachment below for this unit, discuss one career in child psychology that interests you. In your post include the following:

•Identify the educational requirements and the settings where the career is situated.

•Indicate how this career can contribute to positive child development.

•Describe one personal characteristic you have that would make you a match for this type of career.

( 350 word response )

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