Define real gdp per capita-what do you think this means

Discussion questions:

Instructions: Review your textbook and answer the following questions:

Answer the following questions and submit your answers in the Case Study drop box under the lessons tab on Blackboard. You may prepare your answers ahead of time and attach them as a MS Word document only. Please be thorough in your responses. Each question must be answered in the form of a paragraph (minimum of 5 sentences). You must include your Name, Section Number, and Title. Also, you are required cite your source(s) using MLA formatting.

Question 1: Define Real GDP Per Capita. What do you think this means?

Question 2: Give an example of each of the following in terms of Real GDP Per Capita: a Less Developed Country (LDC), a Newly Industrialized Country (NIC), and a Developed Country and begin by researching your countries according to the map found on page

Question 3: Discus and analyze whether the skill set of the country's Labor impacts what the country will be able to produce and explain why you believe this will be the outcome referencing the institutions (Technology) available in the country. You may want to visit

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Microeconomics: Define real gdp per capita-what do you think this means
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