Data flow diagram and a systems flowchart

Case Scenario:

The Joseph Brant Manufacturing Company makes athletic footwear. Processing of production orders is as follows: At the end of each week, the production planning department prepares a list of shoes and quantities to be produced during the next week. Using this list as a source, data entry clerks key in production order release records onto a temporary disk file. Once data entry has been completed, a production order preparation program accesses the operations list (stored on a permanent disk file) and prepares a production order for each shoe to be manufactured. For each new production order, the program (1) prints three copies of a production order document, (2) writes the production order to the open production order master file stored on disk, and (3) prints an operations card identifying each operation required to manufacture that style of shoe.

The operations cards are used as turnaround documents. Each card is sent to the factory department where the operation will be performed. After completing an operation, factory employees mark the elapsed time, quantity completed, and other pertinent data on the card and return it to computer operations. A scanner is then used to read and write the operations data onto a temporary disk file. At the end of each day, this file is processed to update the open production order master file. Once this update has been completed, the program generates departmental production schedules for the next day.

Question 1. Prepare both a data flow diagram and a systems flowchart of all operations described.

Question 2. Describe a comprehensive set of control procedures that should be included in each system. Organize your answer by listing the potential threats and specifying the control procedures that would best address them.

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Accounting Basics: Data flow diagram and a systems flowchart
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