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  Current value of operations for dozier

Task1. Dozier Corporation is a rapid growing supplier of office products. Analysts project the following free cash flows (FCFs) throughout the upcoming 3 years, after which FCF is anticipated to grow at a stable 8% rate. Dozier's weighted average cost of capital is WACC = 13%.


                                              1         2        3
Free cash flow ($ millions)         -$20     $30     $40

Question1. What is Dozier's horizon, or terminal, value? (Hint: Find all the value of all free cash flows beyond Year three discounted back to Year three.)

Question2. What is current value of operations for Dozier?

Question3. Assume that Dozier has $10 million in marketable securities, $100 million in debt, and 10 million shares of stock. What is intrinsic price per share?


Current value of operations for dozier

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Course: Financial Accounting

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