Create initial post that describes unique and non-tech risk


Risks aren't always related to technology, though may affect the same.Options Menu: Forum

In this Discussion you will introduce a unique, non-tech related risk that your or another organization may face.

It's important to understand that while many risks that we prepare for surround technologies--e.g., data breaches, server failures, etc., etc.--they only account for a portion of risk. Many risks that we need to prepare for are unrelated to technologies. Florida firms likely need to prepare for hurricanes and related outages. What about the risks associated with your senior developer jumping ships to a competing firm? The list is endless.

To earn full credit for this Discussion, which counts as a Homework Assignment in our course, there are four main requirements:

1. Create an Initial Post that describes a unique, non-tech risk. You cannot repeat what anyone else has used.

2. In your Initial Post also describe how your firm, or another one, would best mitigate, remove, or pass along the risk to another entity. You must be descriptive. For example, you cannot simply say that "The best way to avoid the risk of hurricanes is to buy insurance."

3. You must relate at least one lesson from either our course or another Cumberlands graduate course that informs your advice about how to overcome the risk you noted in your Initial Post.

4. In at least one or two Responsive Posts, opine about what your fellow students set forth as their non-tech risk in their Initial Post(s). This must be more than just, "Your risk was thoughtful to bring up and I sure hope it never happens."

The response should include a reference list. Double-space, using Times New Roman 12 pnt font, one-inch margins, and APA style of writing and citations.

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