Create an options for third-party resolution

Create a 1,000-1,200 words

Part 1:

• When management and labor reaches an impasse, they have three options for third-party resolution (mediation, arbitration, and fact finding). Describe each option as well as when it is best for each to be used (under what conditions or circumstances it would be best to use each option).

Part 2:

• If labor and management cannot reach an agreement, then they may use the following tactics: strike, lockout, boycotts, work slowdown, and corporate campaigns. Describe each tactic. Which one do you think would be most successful today and why?

Part 3:

• Labor and management negotiate and bargain over four of the following issues. Describe each of these issues, what management's responsibility is to achieve and what labor's responsibility is to achieve.

o Wage issues (e.g., pay, cost of living, overtime)

o Economic issues (e.g., pension, retirement, vacation, holidays, health insurance, severance pay)

o Institutional issues (e.g., union security and rights)

o Administration issues (e.g., seniority, discipline, employee safety, production standards, technology changes)

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