Create a plan for instructional coaching on campus


Part A

You first need to research instructional strategies and find strategies that will work on your campus with your students. To receive credit, you will need to submit 5 detailed instructional strategies and 5 corresponding checklists for each strategy that can be used to monitor progress during observations. You can use strategies and checklist that were created by someone else however be sure to give credit to the creator using APA citations.

Part B

Describe briefly how you will use your Instructional strategies during the evaluation and coaching process on your campus. Use APA citations when needed. Double spacing is not necessary.

Part C

You have been asked by your superintendent to create a plan for instructional coaching on your campus. In the space below type in paragraph form how you would develop an instructional coaching program on your future campus. Be sure include research on teacher professional learning, cultivating growth in instructional practice, best practices in instruction, use of distributed leadership, and monitoring the systems effectively. In your instructional coaching plan include at least 3 references to key best practices that you learned in this week's readings and/or the video.

Double spacing is not necessary. Paste or type your instructional coaching plan in the space below.

Components to include in you Instructional Coaching Program:

• Observation and Feedback

• Model Ethical Behavior

• Coaching and Professional Growth and Development

• Collaborative culture

• Distributed Leadership

• Cultural responsiveness

• Digital Literacy

• Reflective Practice

• Monitoring System(s)

• Supervision, Support, and Modeling

• Best Practices

• Summary of the findings of the peer review

• Any other items you feel are necessary

Place your Instructional Coaching Program written description below.

Part D

Directions: For this part of the assignment,you are asked to complete an instructional coaching plan for our case study teacher. You will also see other data points about the case study teacher. After reviewing all the case study information, scoring the evaluation evidence sheet, and pinpointing an area in which to work with this teacher to improve her instructional practice. You will research best practices on ways to improve instruction in the pinpointed area in order to create a solid instructional coaching plan.

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