Create a new policies reducing budget expenditures


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The Constitutional Context of US Public Administration

You are the new County Chief Executive Officer for the San Bernardion County, hired by the County Supervisors with direction to create new policies reducing budget expenditures, make county government more efficient and reducing the County's reputation of being a "cannabis captial". After your first 90 days on the job to assess operations, you are thinking of implementing the following policies.

• eliminating 50% of cannabis licenses in the County

• reducing county welfare benefits across the board

• hire employees that create a more diverse workforce

• reduce employee training expenses - especially in the Sheriff's Department where costs are high

• create a residency requirement where employees must live within 10 miles of the County Offices

• Layoff certain high salaried employees

Before implementing these programs and policies, you recall the "administrative regulation" class you took in your MPA program, and wonder about issues of legality, and if you might be exposing yourself and the County to liability? You certainly will consult County Counsel about your concerns, however, based on your general knowledge of administrative law from your class, as a public manager, how should you analyze the situation?

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Operation Management: Create a new policies reducing budget expenditures
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