Create a new ethical plan for your company


As a company head (CEO, etc.), you have decided to create a new ethical plan for your company. Develop your own set of procedures that you would use to handle unethical issues. Provide a step-by-step procedure that will be followed from the moment an unethical situation is noticed (by an employee, supervisor, etc.) to resolution. In a 6 to 8 slide Power Point Presentation, you will use the following format (exactly):

Title Slide:

Organizational Overview Slide(s)

- What is ethically expected in general?
- Who makes the ethical decisions in your company?

Do not go into too much detail in this first section - this is just a general overview.

Your Ethical Plan:

- Create a Flowchart that reflects your actual plan, along with an explanation (how your plan works & why it works). If an employee notices an unethical situation, what should he/she do? Once it is reported, what happens next? Your flowchart should include a step-by-step plan from problem to resolution.

Breaking It Down For Employees:

- Implementation of your new plan (Gradual or all at once? Will it be implemented by upper management or by lower management?)

- Not everyone easily adjusts to change. How will you handle the various reactions of your employees? (Workshops for adjustment? Surveys?)

- Realistic potential effects (positive & negative) that this will have on the organization as a whole (Short-term effects? Long-term effects?)

Note: This assignment will be completed as a 6-8 slide Power Point presentation. Do not go over 8 slides. Otherwise, points will be deducted.

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Other Management: Create a new ethical plan for your company
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