Create a mail merge


Project: Mail Merge Assignment

You managed to convince your supervisor in W2: Assignment 2 that the corporation would benefit from purchasing one or more high-speed scanners and to begin the process of "going paperless."

S/he would now like you to take your findings from W2: Assignment 2 and draft a letter to some of the corporation's vice presidents who would also be a part of the team that initiates such changes in offices across the nation.

Draft your letter using the Professional Letter template in Microsoft Word and/or design a professional-looking letterhead. Also, visit the following Web sites for guidance on drafting professional letters:


Customize the letter and then create a mail merge document to send the letter to the following corporate vice presidents:

  • Mary Price 2216 Golden Gate Ct. Tracy, CA 95376
  • Jeena Flores 8228 Sunshine Canyon Drive Boulder, CO 80302
  • Geoffrey Brate 8882 Foxworthy Drive Hampton, VA 23666

Use the following address for your corporate legal office:

Wilder, Reed, Wilson & Folder

Legal Affairs Division

224 Montgomery St. # 444

San Francisco, CA 94102

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Business Law and Ethics: Create a mail merge
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