Contrasting tendencies of health-related activities


Question 1. One of the contrasting tendencies of health-related activities is that:

the rate of change is slow in some areas, but very fast in others.

policy is made at the local level, but delivery of services occurs at the federal level.

the pace of technology drives up costs while driving down demand.

there is centralized management but decentralized delivery.

Question 2. In order for a policy to be successful, _____ must be considered a separate stage of the policy-making process.

political acceptance

countering resistance



Question 3. If there is no major intervention, health care is expected to increase to ______ of GDP over the next decade.





Question 4. Which of the following is a risk of consolidation of health care providers?

An increase in the market power of providers.

Increased coordination of care.

Creation of a new class of underinsured individuals.

Decreased competency levels among health care workers.

Question 5. ______________ is the initial stage of implementation planning.

Question 6. This provision of the ACA will drive insurance companies to provide less expensive products to adapt to the changing market ___________________ _________________________.

Question 7. According to McLaughlin, why do many health care policies fail? (essay)

Question 8. Why will the federal government most likely postpone consideration of the future insolvency of the Medicare system? (essay)

Question 9. The "deinstitutionalization" effort of the 1970s is a good example of a policy that was implemented carefully and to great positive effect.  T/F?

Question 10. Stakeholder management is often considered a negative term, because it is usually employed when a policy is implemented despite the objections of important stakeholders.  T/F?

Question 11. The Emanuel-Fuchs proposal would require a new system of federal and regional boards to provide accountability.  T/F?

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