Construct a control chart for a clinical metric

A key component of performance improvement involves data analysis and identifying positive or negative trends in performance. When managing large amounts of data over time, it is essential that a control chart be used to identify the presence of a statistically significant trend.

Research Project: You are required to construct a control chart for a clinical metric or outcome at a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Include the following:

• Choose the clinical metric that you intend to measure (e.g., catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), patient falls, or readmissions within 30 days).

• Create a control chart that is appropriate for the metric that you are measuring.

• Explain how the targeted outcome was selected (benchmark or historical data) and why.

• You will need to describe how the data were collected and how they were incorporated into the construction of the control chart.

• Explain how the control chart can be used to identify positive and negative trends in performance.

• Create a 5-7 pages; minimum 5 academic/professional references published in last 5 yrs.



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Other Subject: Construct a control chart for a clinical metric
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