Considering the new model of leadership


Learning Activity 1

Review assigned article, "Harnessing the Power of Corporate Culture (Developing Leaders for a Sustainable Global Society)". Consider the "new model of leadership" discussed in the article.

A. If you were a corporate employee, would you react positively or negatively to this new model of leadership? Why?

B. What are some specific problems that might be encountered in implementing this new model of leadership? Why?

Identify ethical issues, and apply relevant ethical theories in your discussion.

Learning Activity 2

Truth Telling -- Italian Tax Mores by Arthur Kelly

The normal way of filing taxes in Italy is to put in a very low number, which starts a protracted series of negotiations, eventually ending up with a higher number being paid. This new bank did not follow this and the Italian authorities assumed it was stated in the normal understated fashion.

Discuss the ethical implications. Do you apply your values or that of the "Italian Way"?

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Business Management: Considering the new model of leadership
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