Conduct a financial analysis



Find two consecutive years of financial statements from a publicly-traded company. Conduct a financial analysis and calculate financial ratios.

Part 1: A financial statement analysis and statement of cash flows covering the following items:

1. Statement of cash flow from operating, investing, and financing activities

2. Income statement horizontal analysis

3. Balance sheet vertical analysis

4. Ratio calculations

1. Gross profit percentage

2. Merchandise inventory turnover

3. Accounts receivable turnover

4. Return on investment

5. Liquidity ratios

6. Activity ratios

7. Debt ratios

8. Profitability ratios

9. Market ratios

Part 2: A summary report discussing this company's accounting cycle, including a paragraph stating why you value the business efficiencies created by solid accounting practices. Provide recommendations for future business activity based upon your assessment. Cite references from your library research to support your conclusions of the company's performance based upon your analysis and financial ratio evaluations.

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Managerial Accounting: Conduct a financial analysis
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