Comprehensive safety and health program

FUNCTIONAL PURPOSE: Serves as the occupational safety and health technical advisor in a Processing and Distribution Center; develops, coordinates, and monitors activities related to a comprehensive safety and health program.


1. Knowledge of federal and postal laws, regulations, and procedures related to occupational safety and health at a level sufficient to evaluate work, storage, and service areas for compliance with safety regulatory codes and standards.

2. Ability to oversee the implementation of safety and health programs, policies, and procedures, including monitoring compliance and implementing activities to improve safety and health awareness.

3. Ability to analyze job safety and accident data to develop, evaluate, and modify accident prevention plans.

4. Ability to monitor, evaluate, and recommend changes to safety and health programs and practices to ensure compliance with national policies, rules, regulations, and laws.

5. Ability to communicate orally to conduct training and provide technical guidance on safety and health issues and to coordinate activities with district, area, and Headquarters employees.

6. Ability to communicate in writing to prepare reports, articles, pamphlets, and training materials.

A statement for each knowledge, skill, or ability (KSA) each bullets must have a STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) format.

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Other Management: Comprehensive safety and health program
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