Compare the monumental buildings architecture and

The PowerPoint Presentation must be on a topic pertinent to this course, integrating two humanities disciplines. The PowerPoint must be 6-8 slides in length (not counting a bibliography slide).

You will compare two cultures. Compare the monumental buildings, architecture and sculptures of Egypt to those of Mesopotamia, noting characteristics each might share, where they differ, and give examples.

The PowerPoint Presentation will be evaluated according to each of the following categories on a scale of 1 to 5:

Accuracy of the content.

Two-discipline Integration, that is, the presentation incorporates two of the humanities disciplines.

Presentation, that is, the quality of the writing is solid, sources are properly cited, and the overall presentation is aesthetically clean and appealing.

Two or three sources are required on a bibliography slide. In addition to others, use the sources I have provided including the professors powerpoint and textbook reading.

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History: Compare the monumental buildings architecture and
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