Compare the empiricism and rationalism


Empiricists contend that our knowledge of the empirical world comes solelyfrom sense experience. Rationalists argue that we can come to knoiw what the world is like from pure unaided reason. The empiricists include philosophers like Locke, Berkeley and Hume. The rationalists count Plato and Descartes among others as belonging to their camp.

  • Compare and Contrast Empiricism and Rationalism
  • Express and discuss your view

Write one paragraph explaining an argument from Empiricism.

Write one paragraph explaining an argument from Rationalism.

Write two more paragraphs assessing which of these schools of thought best explains where knowledge comes from. Explain why. Explain some of the arguments we have read about in both schools of thought (E.g., Descartes' "wax argument" or Hume's "Missing Shade of Blue" argument).

Do not use outside resources. Plagiarized assignments will receive a 0.

Use the Vaughn textbook and cite page numbers. You must include citations and bibliography.

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History: Compare the empiricism and rationalism
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