Compare romanesque churches from different regions of europe


1. Characterize the style of painting that developed in Spain for the illustration of commentaries on the Apocalypse.

2. How does the Saint Gall Plan represent the organization of the medieval monastery in relation to its function as a retreat from the secular world as well as in relationship to the secular world?

3. Discuss what is meant by the term "Romanesque" and distinguish some of the key stylistic features associated with architecture in this style.

4. Compare and contrast two Romanesque churches from different regions of Europe. Explain the key aspects of each regional style.


When you write about works of art always identify the work by naming the artist and title of the work. For all factual information used in your responses cite the text page, name the book, or website in-text citations in the MLA style. Include your own ideas.

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History: Compare romanesque churches from different regions of europe
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