Collaborative efforts of a team


The contemporary work environment often focuses more on the collaborative efforts of a "team" rather than on individual's efforts. Some individuals prefer to work alone; others prefer to work with other people. Teams are usually carefully constructed to match the members to their roles and performance. Effective teams constantly reevaluate their goals and purpose and redefine member roles and expectations. The ultimate success of the team depends upon how well the members of the team communicate and work together. Some of the characteristics of effective work teams include:

• Clear and worthwhile goals

• Committed and competent members with clear expectations

• Members who are able to adjust and change

• Members with mutual trust and respect

• Members who are loyal and dedicated

• Effective and clear communication and feedback

• A supportive climate

Please discuss the following points in your initial post:

• How can a manager shape team behavior? Can we, as managers, train individuals to be team players?

• How would you respond to an employee who says this to you: "I'm not a team player; I work as an individual. Give me a job and I'll get it done. I don't want my performance to be dependent on other people. I just don't want to be a team player."

• Do you think it would be easier to manage a virtual team? What are some of the issues involved in managing this type of team? How do you create a team environment when the members are not physically with each other?

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Microeconomics: Collaborative efforts of a team
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