Choosenbsponenbspof the following topics and develop an

Assignment 1: The Analytical Essay.


Choose one of the following topics and develop an analytical essay of 500 to 600 words

Your essay will be marked on the following elements: clear thesis, main points that support the thesis, good use of detail to explain and illustrate your main points, smooth transitions between paragraphs, coherent, unified, and well-developed paragraphs, introduction and conclusion that signal the beginning and ending of the essay both in content and tone, grammatically correct sentences, accurate word choices, standard spelling and punctuation.


  1. Explain how a specific event, circumstance, or situation has helped shape some aspect of your personality or interests.
  2. Discuss how the neighborhood or community in which you grew up or live now has affected some aspect of your life or the lives of its residents in general.
  3. Discuss ways in which an event or circumstance at work has affected your approach to or understanding of a specific aspect of your job.

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Other Subject: Choosenbsponenbspof the following topics and develop an
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