Chinese government subsidizing solar business

Could you provide your feedback to these questions below?

Problem 1. China is still ahead in technology than the U.S. and more competitive but growing in the U.S. What is your view on a new world order? Do you think that it would have an effect on other countries that China and the U.S. have relationship with?

Problem 2. The Chinese government is subsidizing its solar business. Is it possible the US government is also subsidizing the green energy business? While in the case of Solyndra there was a government loan guarantee there are many other ways for a government to subsidize business. Take a look at the detail in the following article and ask yourself which country is subsidizing the industry the most.

Tax Break Tactics Divide Renewable Industry Solar advocates say a special provision to allow conversion of investment tax credits (ITC) into cash grants, enacted in the 2009 stimulus, must be extended or solar investment will be halved. While the ITC continues through 2016, the conversion option expires at the end of 2011.

Wind advocates are focused on getting a multi-year extension of their production tax credit (PTC) that's slated to expire in 16 months - skipping the cash conversion fight. They say business needs PTC certainty to continue manufacturing investment.

Problem 3. The people demands of this 24/7 world can be very challenging. Any thoughts as to how you would best handle such a fast paced always on world?

Problem 4. As our careers advance we will become more and more responsible for the management of the company and our expansion into global markets. One of the things I am always curious about is how do we go about finding leaders who have a global mindset and have the background and research knowledge to develop the business? Is it a specific degree? Is it a person with a specific ethnic background?

What is it you would use as a set of characteristics to define the right person for such a position?

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Other Management: Chinese government subsidizing solar business
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