Chemical properties that affect fate and transport


Unit II PowerPoint Presentation

Choose one chemical from the Target Compound List/Target Analyte List (TCL/TAL) from the Superfund program and one from the Safe Drinking Water Act list. Create a PowerPoint presentation on the chemical characteristics of these chemicals. Include a title slide, an introduction slide, at least two slides for each chemical, and a references slide. Make sure that all sources are cited and referenced properly using APA style. For each chemical, your slides should contain the following information:

1. Include the chemical structure of each chemical chosen.

2. Include at least two important chemical properties that affect fate and transport for each chemical, such as octanol-water partition coefficient, organic carbon-water partition coefficient, and diffusion coefficient.

3. Include a discussion of how the two properties you chose for each chemical affect fate and transport of the chemical in the subsurface.

4. If a spill of each chemical were to occur, where would the chemical likely be found (soil, water, air), and what are some of the potential health effects?

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Microeconomics: Chemical properties that affect fate and transport
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