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  Characteristics of a good business report

Answer the following questions.

Question 1) Give distinct features of Communication. Describe Elements of Communication Process.

Question 2) “Pen is mightier than Sword”. Describe this statement, elaborating the strengths of Written Communication.

Question 3) “The chief purpose of a Sales Letter is to convert reader into a customer”. How is this purpose achieved? As a Sales Officer of a company, write a letter to housewives to promote sale of an electric milk boiler that it has recently manufactured.

Question 4) A successful job application is the first step to one’s career. Elaborate this statement and apply for the post of Account Officer in ARB Software Solutions.

Question 5) What do you mean by Group Discussion? What are the objectives? How we can improve our performance in Group Discussions?

Question 6) What care should be taken while drafting a Complaint Letter? The Office Manager of a company has asked you to replace a lot of 30 typewriters he purchased from you ten days ago. Draft a appropriate reply, refusing replacement but suggesting an alternative which you think will satisfy him.

Question 7) Write down the importance of Reports. Explain characteristics of a Good Business Report.

Question 8)  “A cry of agony is more powerful than the tale of woe”. Elaborate this statement in the context of Non-verbal Communication. Mention positive and negative gestures in Non-verbal Communication.

Question 9) Write brief notes:

(a) Oral Communication

(b) Structural Elements of Business Letter

(c) Don’ts of Public Relations

(d) Negotiations

(e) Downward Communication

(f) Customer Care


Characteristics of a good business report

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Course: Business Management

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