Case scenario on donald trumps personal blog

Case Scenario: On Donald Trump's personal blog, "Carolyn,"4 about Carolyn Kepcher, Donald Trump's former apprentice on his Apprentice show, Trump wrote that Ms. Kepcher was terminated because "she loved her fame and she loved her celebrity on The Apprentice and it was affecting her work. She wasn't doing her job like she used to or was capable of doing." Mr. Trump told Ms. Kepcher, "in the nicest way possible, ... Get a new job." He did not say "you're fired." He replaced Ms. Kepcher with his daughter, Ivanka Trump.
Was it ethical of Trump to broadcast this type of information to the general public? Compare the information found in each week's Peoplemagazine, or Us Weekly. Is there a difference?

Does it matter that the sources in those publications are journalists and here it is the original decision maker publicizing the basis of the decision?

Does it matter that Ms. Kepcher voluntarily sought a position in the public eye?

If so, what personal information would then be acceptable for Mr. Trump to share about Ms. Kepcher and what information would you consider too personal to be shared?

Where should we, as a society, draw our legal and ethical lines? For instance, what about the extensive media coverage of speculation about Michael Jackson's reputed drug use immediately after his death?

Any ethical issues there?

Is it the same as the Trump situation? If not, why?

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Business Law and Ethics: Case scenario on donald trumps personal blog
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