Calculate the wavelength of the laser


Abstract: In this lab a laser was used to shine through a pair of double slits to put an interference pattern on the wall. By measuring and recording certain aspects of our apparatus we were able to calculate the wavelength of the laser.


The double-slit experiment consists of letting lightdiffract through two slits, which produces fringes or wave-like interference patterns on a screen. These interference patterns will result in projected light and dark regions that correspond to where the light waves have constructively (added) and destructively (subtracted) interfered.


For this lab, a laser was used to create a double slit and the wavelength of the light source being used. Data consisted of measuring the maxima bright spots produced. The laser was beamed towards the wall and drawings were made of the positioned bright maxima. Recordings were made of the distance between slits and the distance from the slits to the wall. Then the slits are rotated and procedure is repeated. After lab was completed, graphs were created of the interference pattern and of d*sin(theta).

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Physics: Calculate the wavelength of the laser
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