Calculate the expected rate of return for annie lee holding

(Portfolio beta): Augustynska & Smolecki Investments, LLC manages a portfolio consisting of the following stocks for Annie Lee Holding Company.

Stock             Investment               Beta

MCD              $150,000               0.50

BABA            $250,000               0.80

VFINX           $350,000               1.00

Part a: Suppose the Hansford & Kennedy Analytical Firm compile the following information:

            6-month Treasury bill rate is 2.1%; 20-year Treasury note is 2.9%

            The historical rate of VINX is 11.5%; Forward rate of VINX is 9.9%

Calculate the expected rate of return for Annie Lee Holding Company. If Annie Lee desires a 15% return, will this portfolio meet her expectations?

Beta of Portfolio = (0.15 * 0.5) + (0.25 * 0.8) +(0.35 * 1) + (0.45 * 2.2)= 1.615

Rf is generally long-term US bonds/notes, in this case, Rf = 2.9%

Rm = Historical Returns of Index = 11.5%

Expected return on portfolio = 2.9% + 1.615 * (11.5% - 2.9%) = 16.789%

expected return is greater than 15 %. So, this portfolio is suitable for Annie Lee

Part b: Suppose the Frederick, and Magana Analytical Firm are asked to assess removing MCD from the portfolio and replace it with MSFT, which has a beta of 1.50. What is the new expected return on this portfolio? If the famous fashionista firm of Martinez and Mata expect a return of 20%, would they be interested in this portfolio? Why or why not?

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Financial Management: Calculate the expected rate of return for annie lee holding
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