Calculate kelseys allowable itemized deductions

Kelsey, who is a head of household with one dependent, had AGI of $315,000 for 2011. She incurred the following expenses and losses during the year:
Medical expenses before the 7.5%-of-AGI limitation 25000

  • State and local income taxes 4300
  • State sales tax 1205
  • Real estate taxes 3705
  • Home mortgage interest 4400
  • Credit card interest 820
  • Charitable contribution 3800

Casualty loss before 10% limitation (after $100 floor) 38000. Unreimbursed employee expenses subject to the 2%-of-AGIIimitation 7100
Calculate Kelsey's allowable itemized deductions for the year.

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Accounting Basics: Calculate kelseys allowable itemized deductions
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