Bump mapping and displacement mapping

Assignment 1: bump mapping and displacement mapping

Implement displacement mapping and bump mapping on a sphere. The displacement can be whatever your choice. The bump map can be whatever your choice as well. 
Assignment 2: Curved surfaces

Build a program that allows:
1) Using mouse or keyboard to move around on a set of 16 control points;

2) Modify the value (drag along x, y, or z) of a point; 

3) Display the Bi-cubic surface interactively while modifying the control points;

4) Implement bump mapping on the surface using fragment shaders.
Assignment 3: isosurface

Given arbitrary 8 values at the vertices of a cube, please draw the curved iso-surfaces with shading. Also, please draw the saddle point. This can be done relatively easy with physics-based modeling
Assignment 4: Image-based rendering

Explore and understand light field. Checking out one of the image libraries at:  http://lightfield.stanford.edu/lfs.html

1) You can modify existing source code, or develop your own to achieve light field rendering;

2) Discuss what is the advantage and disadvantage of this rendering.
Assignment 5: physics-based modeling  (prefer)

Draw the five regular polyhedras using physics-based modeling method. 
Assignment 6: Fractals

Implement a fractal algorithm with possible personal extensions. Also, specify the extensions

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Computer Graphics: Bump mapping and displacement mapping
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