Briefly discuss how you view the role of aprns in the fight


Fight against Obesity

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The impact of obesity is overwhelming and the numbers are staggering in relation to both co-morbidity and cost. Advance practice nurses are in an optimal position to impact this epidemic.

After reviewing the content for this module, search online information, tools and screening guidelines/assessments on a few of the following websites or other professional health or medical organizations. The CDC, AMA and UpToDate all have an abundance of information and tools available for practitioners.


• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - (Links to an external site.)

• American Medical Association - (Links to an external site.)

• UpToDate Clinical Decision Support Resource - (Links to an external site.)

For discussion with your peers:

1. Find a tool, article, algorithms etc. that you find particularly helpful or interesting and post it for your peers to review - briefly summarize why you chose it.

2. Briefly discuss how you view the role of APRNs in the fight against obesity. What unique skills do we have to offer?

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Microeconomics: Briefly discuss how you view the role of aprns in the fight
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