Briefly describe the entitys underlying business model


Select one of the following entities; Google, Yahoo, DropBox or Amazon.

Briefly, describe the entity's underlying business model. Construct a valuation model to determine the entity's intrinsic value.

Explanatory note - Possible approaches for the analysis of the entity's underlying business model include Balanced Scorecard style approaches and SWOT analysis (please note that a number of approaches exist beyond these well-kn approaches, that may be employed). Possible approaches to the firm valuation include Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Dividend Discount Models, Earnings models and Regressive models. Please note that not all the noted entities are trading entities but that does not prevent their valuation. Where earnings data is available it can be included in the chosen valuation model. Where earnings data is not available students can use various
estimation approaches to determine the value of the entity. Where quantitative methods are employed in the valuation, an Excel (.xls or .xlsx format) spreadsheet detailing the model, and showing the calculations completed should accompany the report. Remembe to clearly articulate your assumptions, and comment on the limitations of your analysis and valuation model.

word count: 1500 words

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Microeconomics: Briefly describe the entitys underlying business model
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