Brainfood has contracted pm incorporated pm inc to upgrade

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Statement of Need

The use of outdated technology will hinder a company's capabilities in all professional industries. Issues such as equipment failures and outdated security protocols can cause incidents to occur that may financially weaken the business infrastructure. Companies are continuously looking for ways to improve their office(s). Our company, PM Incorporated, aids companies in addressing matters that can cause business failures.

With one of the most dynamic teams in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, we are capable of aiding businesses that seek to integrate the most recent technologies and internet infrastructures. Upon contracting our business, our customers eliminate their concerns about business operations being delayed due to poor technological capabilities. Our technologies not only improve the physical appearance of an office, but customized to their business needs.

A few features that can be found in our technologies are mobility, automation, security, calibration, communication, and reliable storage. Remodeling an office with our technologies can also improve performance, implement security, track data, save companies resource costs, and even help a company go green.

Something as simple as upgrading an office printer can improve the office space moral. For instance, from time to time people tend to print things and never receive them from the printer for one reason or another. This can be prevented with a smart printer that can be configured to use user's login for authentication.

The printers receive data and store it in their memory. After a user passes verification, by signing in or scanning their badge, the printer will allow the user to print everything it has saved under the user's name. Smart printers are not the only technology that we have that allows our client to slow down on restocking an item. Smart boards are another big item. Smart boards can decrease the paper, polymer, which is used in dry erasers, and calcium carbonate, which is used in chalk, a company consumes. A smart board can also be used to send and print information. Some of our technologies can also be utilized with other technologies.

Another combination that our previous clients have reported is our smart devices such as laptops and tablets combined without smart projectors.

The smart projects receive data from the smart device and presents it in a visual and/or audio form. To make the presentation more mobile, remove the cords from between the two devices and configure a Bluetooth connection between them. This is very helpful with solo presentations. That way the presenter does not have to decide between walking back and forward the entire presentation or being limited to one side of the visualization.

Our company can also be of use when looking to automate a few things in the everyday office life. We have cleaning equipment that can be set on a timer to initiate, lights sensors that control when the lights come on and watchers for when the lights should be inactive. These are just a few of the ways our implemented smart technologies and internet can found fit to benefit a company's need today.

Project Definition

Brainfood has contracted PM Incorporated (PM Inc.) to upgrade their information technology (IT) infrastructure following their relocation to a larger facility. Brainfood and PM Inc. have a shared understanding of the project's requirements and are currently developing a detailed plan that will demonstrate the project's baselines for schedule, costs, risks and resources.

As in all projects, unforeseen events may occur that will require changes to the overall project. Thus, Brainfood and PM Inc. will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure the successful completion of all requirements.

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