Bdba 8100 - introduction to experimental design and

Project Instructions:

Topic - Minority Women in Higher Education

Subtopic - Advancement of Minority Women in Higher Education in Comparison to their Male Colleagues.

Part 1

The individual midterm project will be comprised of two components. In part one of the assignment, each student will author a 20 - 25 page paper that describes a current business issue and an appropriate methodology for analyzing the data associated with that business issue. Students will discuss contemporary methods that they have learned in the course to date. Each method should be discussed in terms of its appropriateness for use, the strengths of the methodology and the weaknesses or limitations of the methodology. Students should be prepared to o?er practical means of addressing the limitations of the methodologies that they discuss.

Option1: Students may choose to expand on the literature review that they conducted for BDBA 8110.

Option 2: Students may select a relevant business issue the they identify from current events.

Option 3: Students may select a relevant business issue from their current work or practice.

Part 2

Students will also develop a slide deck that they will used to present a synopsis of their papers in class. The slide deck should be a distillation of the paper authored in part one of the assignment. Students are encouraged to make use of appropriate tables, figures, graphs, and other utilization's that will aid in conveying what they have learned regarding the methodologies that they have evaluated.

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