Bao 5534 business finance assignment - the main objective


The main objective of this assignment is to emphasis the importance of consideration time value of money in financial management decisions. It will cover time value of money, investment valuation and firms' long term investment decisions. Your answers in this assignment should be mainly focused on those topics.

Task - Write a comprehensive essay on application of time value concepts in various financial management decisions. Your essay should be covered

a. Fundamentals of time value concepts

b. Discounting and compounding process and their uses (what is the rational for using discounting process rather than compounding process in decision making?)

c. Discount rate and main components of the discount rate (why do we use different discount rates for evaluating different decisions?).

d. Use of time value in valuation of financial instruments such as bonds, equity and preference shares.

e. Capital budgeting and time value.

f. The other issues

Words Limit 1500.

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Corporate Finance: Bao 5534 business finance assignment - the main objective
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