Assume you are asked to assess the security of an

Problem : Assume you are asked to assess the security of an electronic medical record(EMR) system. List and (very briefly) explain what security vulnerabilities you would look for.

The following are some of the security vulnerabilities that I would look for in Electronic Medical Records(EMR).They are:

1. Theft:

Lost or stolen data was one of the biggest security vulnerabilities that has been observing from the past years and still continuing in many places. So this vulnerability should be handled carefully in order to avoid many negative instances. Medical information of more than 5 million people have been stolen by simple stealing the computer from the respective place.

2. Dispersal of data:

Many things having been taking place in EMR now-a-days that circulation of data in a wrong way is being done everywhere. This includes many technologies with weak controls like FTP sites, which has a lack of security. Organizations involved in transmission of data must concentrate on latest technologies that provides the best security to protect the data without circulating outside.

3. Outsourcing:

This process namely outsourcing has became more popular outside these days and more common in health institutions. Various suppliers, vendors and partners should follow some regulations like HIPAA compliance for better security reasons.

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